Sonderborg Youth Declaration


To whom this may concern.

Humankind is facing a crisis as never seen before. We are the youth, and we are raising our voices now. We are standing here today because we are the first generation feeling the consequences of the climate crisis. It has become extremely evident that humans have caused the greenhouse gases levels to rise at an unfathomable pace and they are at their highest in the last 800,000 years (WMO). We are calling for you to listen to the leading scientists all over the world that agree on the following: The climate crisis is real, and it is human-made. We are the last generation that must take immediate action to restore the damaged world. We are not here to point fingers or throw blame – We are here to reach out! Only if we create unity and work together, will we be able to overcome the problems our planet is currently facing.

We are now standing here in front of you, reaching out for help to you, so we can form an alliance in order

to ensure future generations a life worth living.

On the fields of Politics

We want more dialogue between the people and the government. We want to know what is going on and we want to be included. We have a shared responsibility to protect our planet and therefore the population should be included in the decision-making. We want the government to ask the people, and we want a governmental organ ensuring that the interest of the planet is being included.

In the field of Economy

We have to restrain capitalism - limitless profit is not possible in a world of limited resources. In order to create new solutions, it needs to be more attractive to invest in green energy, ideas and projects. Furthermore, the economy should be based on the principles of Reduce, reuse and recycle.

In the field of City/Urban planning we want

Cities and urban planning must be sustainable, putting nature first in all decisions. Therefore, the politicians must provide the infrastructure allowing green lifestyles and personal choices for its residents. The politicians must increase and protect green areas and biodiversity.

In the field of Transportation

We need to make public transport more sustainable, efficient, attractive and affordable. We need people out of their cars, out of their own bubble – out into public transport where we can all connect and find common ground. The green option should be the cheapest and most obvious choice. Emission control on all transport should be a must.

In the field of Energy

We need to implement new, efficient green energy and building solutions in our homes and businesses. We need the citizens of the world including the governments to work together - to take action. New regulations stating that sustainability and green energy must be included in building as well as business projects is a must.

In the field of Education

An emphasis needs to be put on the importance of climate education. Every generation should have access to knowledge and education regarding the climate’s situation – Starting from kindergarten moving all the way up to the elderly. Stakeholders needs to invest in climate education, and we all need to encourage each other to self-educate, reflect on our behavior and take responsibility for our actions.

4. oktober 2019